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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Rosemary grows on campus.

Sustainable development

The calculation of the University of Eastern Finland’s carbon footprint .
The calculation of the UEF’s carbon footprint 2019 showed the following distribution of emissions: heating 22%, laboratories 21%, flights 16%, campus restaurants 17%, and procurements 10%. The share of emissions from other sources was 14%.
Infographics of the carbon footprint of the UEF 2020
The carbon footprint of the UEF decreased from the basis calculation in 2020. Distribution of emissions: heating 30%, laboratories 29%, flights 6%, campus restaurants 7% and procurements 17%.

Sustainable university

UEF lähettiläs UEFin yhteiskäyttöön tarkoitettujen polkupyörien luona

Eight steps into the future – goals in a nutshell

The university’s Climate Action Plan and commitments

Flower of alpine pennygrass.

Research in sustainable development

Education for sustainable development

Saila Vaittinen

Quality Coordinator

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Tuomo Meriläinen

Director of Administration

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Jukka Mönkkönen