Safety and security at UEF

The University of Eastern Finland – a healthy and safe working and studying environment characterised by well-being.

At the University of Eastern Finland, safety and security refer to a state where known risks are managed and mitigated, and where members of the academic community can work and study without fear or concern.

The university’s safety and security is the result of collaboration involving several actors.  The coordination responsibility lies with the university.

In matters related to safety and security, the university engages in close collaboration with local authorities and other educational institutions.

We seek to make sure that the University of Eastern Finland is a safe place for our students, staff members and guests.

If you notice an accident, emergency or crisis situation, please report it in order to make it possible for us to make the university a safer place for all.

Report a safety or security incident

Each of our campuses has an appointed Campus Crisis Support Team and, in the event of a crisis, the task of these teams is to arrange psychological support and post-crisis care.  More detailed instructions for members of the university can be found on the Intranet. It is advisable to get to know the instructions beforehand, as in the event of an emergency, there usually isn't time for reading.

Emergency number: 112.

Below you will find some useful links:

How to use the emergency number 112 in Finland

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Further information is also available on the Student life and well-being website.