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School of Educational Sciences and Psychology


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Pia Heilmann

Professor, Career Councelling, Head of the School of Educational Studies and Psychology

Profile picture: Kirsi Honkalampi

Kirsi Honkalampi

Professor, Psychology

Profile picture: Päivi Atjonen

Päivi Atjonen

Professor, Educational Science

Profile picture: Jyri Manninen

Jyri Manninen

Professor, Adult Educational Science

Leena Holopainen

Professor, Special Education, Written and Spoken Language Disabilities

Profile picture: Eija Kärnä

Eija Kärnä

Professor, Special Education

Profile picture: Lotta Aavikko

Lotta Aavikko

Project Researcher, LaTVA-project

Profile picture: Aino Äikäs

Aino Äikäs

University Lecturer, Special Education

Profile picture: Janne Antikainen

Janne Antikainen

University Teacher, Career Councelling

Aleksis Aronen

Project Researcher, Tunnetaidot-Hyvinvointi -project

Hannu Räty

Professor, emeritus, Psychology

Marjatta Vanhalakka-Ruoho

Professor, emerita, Educational Psychology, Career Counselling and Research