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Rantakylän normaalikoulun oppilas aulatiloissa.

University of Eastern Finland Teacher Training School


Pupils and students


Teachers and staff


Student teachers annually

Our core values are responsibility, respect, tolerance and a strong sense of community.

Jyrki Huusko

Leading Headmaster

Huusko Jyrki in portrait.

Two schools - three locations

The teacher gives instructions to the students in the multi-purpose classroom.

Basic Education Grades 1-9

Cross curricular themes, international visitors and a versatile teaching programme create a rich cultural learning environment for our pupils. The teacher training programme together with experimental research bring variety and modern perspectives to teaching methods. Our school also offers a wide variety of optional courses, from technology and drama to hunting and fishing.

Upper secondary school students.

Upper Secondary School

The upper secondary school offers its active and extremely motivated students a modern, hi-tech learning environment and a wide range of elective courses, particularly in science, mathematics and foreign languages. Our core values are responsibility, respect, tolerance and a strong sense of community. We follow the rigorous national curricula with an emphasis on diverse teaching methods, hands-on activities and engaging materials. Students are encouraged to pursue their own goals and excel, which is reflected in the rankings of Finnish senior high schools.

Teacher training


University schools

Class teachers, subject teachers, student counsellors, special education teachers, international students from educational and student exchange programmes - supervised teaching practice is our vocation. Teacher training schools are administratively part of the faculties or units of education, they apply educational theory and know-how in practice. Collaboration between teacher training schools, teacher education units and academic departments assures the development of our supervised teaching practice.

High-school teachers.

Supervised teacher training practice

Relevant research is applied at all stages of the supervised teaching practice. Supervised orientation practice (3ECTC credits) concentrates on developing student teachers’ knowledge of pupils and various teaching and digital environments. Supervised basic practice (7 ECTC credits) focuses on limited subject areas and didactical skills, whereas in advanced supervised practice (7 ECTC credits) student teachers are expected to apply latest research-based theoretical knowledge when designing their teaching.

In-service training

Teachers in a multi-purpose classroom.

In-service education and refresher courses

Our central location in downtown campus area makes us an ideal venue for various educational events. We offer a variety of in-service education and refresher courses for teachers. The current foci of our continuing professional development training are on digital skills and teachers’ adoption of update assessment methods and functional learning practices.

Visitors from Indonesia.

Tailored modules for foreigners

In addition to having a regional impact, we offer tailored training modules for teachers and various professionals in the fields of curriculum design and administration. Our highly qualified teaching staff and update learning environments foster professional growth and development. For more information, please contact Leading Headmaster Mikko Ripatti ( or Headmaster of Basic Education Jyrki Korkki (


Research and development