Subject Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies, 60 ECTS

In compliance with the decree on the qualification requirements of education personnel (for details see A 986/1998), teacher students are required to complete 60 ECTS credits worth of teacher’s pedagogical studies. In accordance with the government decree on university degrees (A 794/2004), pedagogical studies are teacher education studies which provide students with the ability to work independently as teachers, career counsellors and educators.

Pedagogical Qualification

In accordance with the above-mentioned decree, pedagogical studies emphasise didactics and contain supervised practical training, which may be specifically oriented to basic, upper secondary, vocational or adult education.

Teacher’s pedagogical studies will help students to develop a broad pedagogical competence that allows them to fulfil their duties as teachers, i.e. they are capable of teaching, guiding and supporting the growth of children, young people and adults regardless of which educational level their studies have concentrated on.

Study Themes and Supervised Teaching Practice

Teacher’s pedagogical studies are divided into four thematic parts:

  1.  interaction
  2.  learning community
  3.  involvement and society
  4.  expression and culture

The studies are intended to bridge the gap between practical training periods and theoretical and conceptual studies by means of learning assignments and by encouraging students to reflect on their own teaching experiences.

Supervised practical training constitutes about one third of the studies, and it is divided into four training periods in accordance with the above-mentioned themes; Orientative Practice (3 ECTS), Basic Teaching Practice (7 ECTS) and Research Based Teaching (7 ECTS) take place in the University Teacher Training School and Work-life Practice (5 ECTS) in another educational institution or pedagogical community.

How to Apply

There is a separate application process annually for the Subject Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies, usually in the spring. Degree students of the University of Eastern Finland who are eligible for Master’s degree studies majoring in one of the following study programmes may apply to the studies:

Finnish History or General History, Finnish Language or Literature, English Language and Culture, Swedish Language, German Language, Russian Language, Biology, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Computer Science.

The admissions are based on an aptitude test, in which the student’s suitability for a career in teaching is assessed.

Students may apply for the Subject Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies in any study year. However, it is recommended to apply in the spring of the first study year and start the studies in the following autumn. The right to study Subject Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies is discontinued at the end of the academic year during which the students complete their master’s degree.

It is recommended to complete the studies according to the pre-designed study modules: 25 ECTS credits worth of Bachelor’s degree studies and 35 ECTS credits worth of Master’s degree studies.

Contact Information

Study Secretary Riitta-Liisa Mustonen
0294 45 2039