Things to Take Care of After Arrival

There are several official matters to take care of after your arrival in Finland. After arrival procedures are dependent on the length of your intended stay in Finland. You can use the chart below as your "compass" that helps you to navigate through the jungle of official matters after your arrival in Finland. More information on each matter and required documents can be found on the bottom of this page.      


Download the arrival chart as PDF.


Places to visit and documents to bring with you

Matter(s) to take care of


Documents to bring with you

Notification of move

Any post office or local register office (maistraatti)


  • Your national proof of identity or passport

Tax card








Tax office (verotoimisto)
- Joensuu: Yliopistokatu 6B, Metla building, 2nd floor
- Kuopio: Tulliportinkatu 35






See also:

  • personal identity number
  • registration of a foreigner

Certificate of the right to reside in Finland (EU-citizens) 


At Migri service point:
- Kuopio: Asemakatu 38–40 (customer entrance Ajurinkatu 45)

- Other service points


  • an EU registration form
  • your national proof of identity or passport
  • a confirmation of the employment relationship or a certificate of employment from the employer
  • processing fee (54 €)

Finnish social security (KELA)




At the local KELA office:
- Joensuu: Koulukatu 24
- Kuopio: Suokatu 40




Registration of a foreigner




At the Local Register Office (maistratti)





Opening a Finnish bank account  

See further information at

Payment information form

UEF intranet


Submit the form to Certia (see address on the bottom of the form)