Finnish for Translators and Interpreters

Language of tuition is Finnish.

Studying Your A-Language –­­ the Most Important Language to Master

Employers expect translators and interpreters to have impeccable and comprehensive Finnish language skills. In your future working life, you will need versatile writing skills and the ability to justify your linguistic decisions with current and reliable language instructions. You can train these professional competences by studying Finnish for Translators and Interpreters. Students specialising in translation will find employment in various communications jobs in which they might, in addition to translating and interpreting, revise other people’s texts or write different texts themselves, ranging from reports to public releases.

Right to Study

All major and minor students of translation who have Finnish as their first language, i.e. have taken the Finnish language as mother tongue test in the matriculation examination, have the right to study Finnish for Translators and Interpreters as a minor subject. You do not need to apply for the study right. If your first language is not Finnish, your minor subject will be Finnish Studies for Foreigners.

All students of translation are required to complete 15 ECTS credits in Finnish for Translators and Interpreters. We also recommend taking our optional courses and completing the whole basic study module.

From Grammar to Creative Writing

Studies in Finnish for Translators and Interpreters will improve your linguistic sensitivity, knowledge of the language norms, and skills in writing and revision. During the compulsory studies, you will develop your Finnish writing skills and your understanding of the writing process. You will also learn to analyse the structure of Finnish and you will improve your skills in language planning and text revision. With the optional courses you can expand your language skills by analysing different text types and styles, by familiarising yourself with the language used in official documents and by practicing your skills in creative writing.

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