Current research on flipped classroom and learning environments

Currently, Team Ameba is concentrating on the use of the flipped classroom method at the University of Eastern Finland in particular. Both students and teachers of flipped classroom courses participate in this research. The results, experiences and viewpoints are used to improve learning environments.

Team Ameba's currently ongoing research consists of seven topics:

  1. Large-scale survey batteries are used to investigate students' 21st century skills (i.e., working skills) and content knowledge, experiences regarding flipped classroom and variability of learners. Surveys are conducted at the beginning and in the end of flipped classroom courses. Conducting the surveys, data management and analyses are coordinated by Postdoctoral Researcher Erkko Sointu and Project Researcher Jenni Kankaanpää.
  2. Teachers participating in flipped classroom training are surveyed at the beginning and in the end of the training. This research is coordinated by Professor Laura Hirsto.
  3. Professor Jyri Manninen studies the aspect of good academic learning environments. Both student and teacher perspectives and change during flipped classroom are investigated.
  4. Professor Kati Mäkitalo-Siegl ja Jenni Kankaanpää have interviewed students who participated in flipped classroom courses regarding learning, collaboration and experiences.
  5. Professor Päivi Atjonen investigates activities dealing with assessment and evaluation of university students’ learning in flipped classroom courses.
  6. The impact of flipped classroom compared to traditional teaching is studied by using an experimental design (counting for the teacher effect also). This research is conducted by Erkko Sointu.
  7. Doctoral student Virve Pekkarinen (supervisor Professor Hirsto) studies university teachers' pedagogical competencies and changes in them. The data includes surveys, diaries and reflective essays.