Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Strategic research areas at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Top-level international research areas

  • Aerosols, climate change and human health
  • Borders, mobilities and cultural encounters

Advanced-level strong research areas

  • Sustainable governance of natural resources

Emerging research areas

  • Effectiveness in healthcare and social services
  • Welfare ruptures: recognising uncertainties, finding solutions

Research at the departments

Department of geographical and historical studies (Joensuu campus)

Business School (Joensuu and Kuopio Campuses)

Law school (Joensuu campus)

Department of Health and Social management (Kuopio campus)

Department of Social Sciences (Joensuu and Kuopio Campuses)

Karelian Institute (Joensuu campus)

Centre for Tourism Studies (Savonlinna Campus) 

    • Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies (FUNTS)

Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY)
VERA - Centre for Russian and Border Studies
KWRC - Kuopio Welfare Research Center