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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Running water.

Sustainable Co-management of Water Resources and Aquatic Environments (WATER)

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Interdisciplinary and systemic orientation is key so that our focus on one challenge does not create challenges elsewhere. This applies to water management but also to research and societal decision-making.

Niko Soininen


Niko Soininen

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The sustainable use of aquatic environments as an accelerator for research, wealth, and well-being

Canoes in the autumn river landscape.

WATER Researchers

Profile picture: Janet Anand

Janet Carter Anand


Profile picture: Antti Belinskij

Antti Belinskij


Profile picture: Frank Berninger

Frank Berninger


Mikko Kolehmainen


Profile picture: Jarkko Akkanen

Jarkko Akkanen

Research Director

Profile picture: Moritz Albrecht

Moritz Albrecht

Assistant Professor

Profile picture: Kaisa Huhta

Kaisa Huhta

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Hannu Huuskonen

Hannu Huuskonen

Senior Researcher

Fazel Abdolahpur Monikh

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Eerika Albrecht

Eerika Albrecht

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Victor Carrasco Navarro

Victor Carrasco Navarro

Project Researcher

Profile picture: Olga Hannonen

Olga Hannonen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Vincent Biard

Vincent Biard

Early Stage Researcher

Profile picture: Annalaura Jokiniemi

Annalaura Jokiniemi

Early Stage Researcher

Profile picture: Niko Kinnunen

Niko Kinnunen

Senior Researcher

Eevi Kokkonen

Visiting Researcher

Kati Martikainen

Project Researcher

Marja Niemi

Project Researcher

Ursula Strandberg

Academy Research Fellow

Our Partners

Profile picture: Jussi Kukkonen

Jussi Kukkonen


Profile picture: Niko Soininen

Niko Soininen


Profile picture: Hannu Nykänen

Hannu Nykänen

Senior Researcher

Profile picture: Jarno Suni

Jarno Suni

Postdoctoral Researcher