Committee on Research Ethics

The tasks of the UEF Committee on Research Ethics shall be to:

1) evaluate the ethicality of non-medical research projects conducted on humans and issue statements pertaining to them;

2) evaluate the ethicality of also other research projects when necessary, unless this evaluation has been assigned to some other party by law;

3) promote training pertaining to research ethics and issue guidelines relating to research ethics at the university;

4) act as an expert organ in problematic situations relating to research ethics encountered at the university;

5) maintain discussion relating to research ethics at the university;

6) monitor and participate in the preparation of national guidelines on research ethics and ensure adherence to these guidelines at the University of Eastern Finland.


Composition of the Committee January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2021:

Chair, Professor Risto Turunen, Philosophical Faculty

Vice-Chair, Professor Pasi Karjalainen, Faculty of Science and Forestry


Professor Risto Turunen and Professor Kirsi Honkalampi, Philosophical Faculty

Professor Pasi Karjalainen and Associate professor Marjut Roponen, Faculty of Science and Forestry

Associate professor Tarja Kvist and University lecturer Sari Hantunen, Faculty of Health Sciences

Professor Laura Assmuth and University teacher Mia Kilpeläinen, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Postgraduate student Satu Hopponen and Postgraduate student Tarja Kaipainen

Secretary: Research funding specialist Mika Saikkonen, University services

Permanent expert: Data protection officer Helena Eronen, University Services