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Sanan workshop kirjaimet kukin irrallisella lapulla roikkumassa naruista.

Uncovering the dataskills and needs of researchers – a workshop for researchers

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In this workshop we will ponder and discuss different aspects of research data and data management; what is the required expertise, know-how, and the need for support during the various stages of conducting (everyday) research. The workshop outcomes will be utilized for developing and improving discipline-specific data management support and guides. The workshop offers a good opportunity for researchers to give a voice to their discipline in the context of research data management.

We are happy to provide the workshop in English (and in Finnish) depending on sign-ups.

This workshop aims to gather the insights and expertise of researchers of various fields in matters of research data management. The workshop opens conversation on the best practices and ways to share expertise, with an aim to increase shared understanding and know-how in research data management.  

The workshop is a central component of a larger project (1.2.2021 – 31.1.2921) to develop the research data support services of the University of Eastern Finland in collaboration with researchers, faculties, research disciplines, and the experts from the central support services (a weblink to a blog text describing the project).

Working in small groups to discuss, e.g., researchers’ experiences of research data and data management, expertise and know-how in the institutes, need of support in different stages of research, and formation, sharing and implementation of best practices. The workshop will also look for ways to highlight problems and solutions in data management common to different research fields in order to benefit the widest possible range of people.

The workshop is part of the University’s data support and the library's Open Access Week.