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Open University: Basic Studies in Social Sciences 2023-2024

Open university
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25 ECTS credits
Continuous learning category:
Law and society
Teaching format:
Independent learning
375 € (VAT 0%)
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Studies in Social Sciences consist of sociology and social and public policy, along with social scientific thinking. The module provides students with a basic understanding of society as an object of enquiry, the materialization of social structures in everyday life, and public policy in the context of a welfare state. Upon completion, the students will be familiar with key theoretical approaches in social sciences and will understand their role in analyzing society. They will also have some experience in reading social scientific research texts.

In the Open University, students can take the 25cr Basic studies in social sciences module, as well as individual courses. The studies are provided online as self-study courses, and can thus be completed from any location and on a schedule chosen by the student.

This study Module is part of our Bachelor's Degree Programme in Social Sciences.

Read more about degree studies in Social Sciences on our website.

The courses are available online and can be studied between 1.9.2023-30.4.2024.

Open University registration is open 8.8.2023-1.4.2024 at Opintopolku and UEF website.

The basic studies consist of the following courses:

NOTE: Register for individual courses. It is not possible to register for study programs.

Study methods and study guidance

The basic study module consists of five courses. You can either study the entire module or choose individual courses from the basic study module according to your own interests.

The courses are self-study online courses in the Moodle learning environment. The online courses include lecture recordings and written materials. Based on the literature and lectures, various written assignments are given.

All courses are open from 1.9.2023-30.4.2024, and you can study at your own pace by accessing the modules from anywhere using your own device.

Once you have registered in the studies, you will receive instructions on how to get started. You will be given UEF user credentials, which you can use to log in to the Moodle learning environment. E-learning environment will provide you with the necessary instructions for studying.

You will receive assistance and support for your studies from the staff of the Open University: the study coordinator, the training secretary, and the study counselor. The course teachers are also there to support you in your studies.

If you complete the entire study module, we recommend that you take the courses in consecutive order, starting with the course 'What is Society?'.

For more information

Registration and other practical matters:

Maarit Kankaanpää, training secretary, UEF Open univeristy

Veera Kiiski, study coordinator, UEF Open University

Content of the studies:

Teppo Eskelinen, University Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences UEF

Yasemin Kontkanen, Doctoral Researcher, Department of Social Sciences UEF 

Register for individual study units. Study units cost 15 e / credit. This price holds for the academic year 2023–2024.

English-language courses are free for the 2023-2024 academic year for those with the status of temporary protection from Migri. Finnish) (in English) (in Ukrainian)

See more on studying at UEF while under temporary protection here:

The length of a study right is determined by the length of the study unit so that it covers all teaching and exams. If the study unit has continuous registration, the study right is from 1.8. to 30.7.

For more information on study fees and payment and cancellation terms, please see: Registration, study fees and right to study | University of Eastern Finland (

Literature acquisition costs and borrowing fees are not included in the tuition fee. If your employer would pay your tuition fee, please contact our training secretary. Contact details below.

Irrespective of time

The courses are available online and can be studied between 1.9.2023-30.4.2024.

Open University registration is open 8.8.2023-1.4.2024 at Opintopolku and UEF website.


No electronic registration

Registration for this study module is not necessary. Register for individual study units.