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MOOC: Finnish Education and Society

The nature, key theories and concepts of social scientific research of education.
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  • Education and teaching
Continuous learning category:
Teaching, education and psychology
Teaching format:
Independent learning, Online teaching
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Study objectives

After the course student: 

  • has knowledge of basic research frameworks and concepts of social scientific research and the sociology of education  
  • knows the societal functions of education, and is able to reflect on individual and social meanings of education
  • is able to identify and evaluate the significance of needs for support and support provision in educational contexts from an individual’s and from society’s perspective  
  • has understanding on the cultural and social welfare policy aspects of art and culture
  • knows the central theoretical traditions in the social sciences of education
  • has progressed in critical thinking skills

The nature, key theories and concepts of social scientific research of education. The social functions of education. Diversity of learners. The meaning and significance of education for different age groups in the Finnish society. 

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The course is open for anyone on the DigiCampus learning platform. You can complete the course free of charge using the Google login.  

In Spring semester 2021 the course platform in Digicampus Moodle is open for students on 15.2.-30.4.2021. If you want to complete the course and get the evaluation and credits, you need to have submitted all assignments by 30.4.2021 23:59. Registering for the course in Weboodi starts on 8.1.2021 and ends 30.4.2021. After this, the course platform will be closed for new students until the next semester. 

If you want to have your course completion registered in the study register of the University of Eastern Finland and have a transcript of records, you need to be registered as a student of the open university* and also in the course in WebOodi within the registering period (8.1.2021-29.4.2021). 

You may also study the course without registration and complete the assignments for the learning tasks. Please note, however, that no official study certificate is given for a free-of-charge completion of the course. You can only get the transcript of records by paying the open university study fee.