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Pohjakuva Joensuun kampuskirjaston 1. kerroksesta. Kuvassa näkyvät tilan äänivyöhykkeet.

Joensuu Campus Library introduces Sound zones and a new Reflection room for customers

Joensuu Campus Library is excited to announce two new additions to improve the customer experience for all library users. Firstly, the introduction of Sound zones in Joensuu to help customers easily identify areas within the library where they can collaborate and work together, as well as areas where they can concentrate in silence. Secondly, the library now has a new Reflection room that is multicultural and open for everyone who wants to spend some time in silence, for example, meditating or praying.
We understand that different library users have different needs when it comes to the level of noise they prefer, and our new Sound zones will help make the library a more welcoming place for everyone. Whether you're studying for an exam, working on a group project, or simply seeking a quiet space to read, the library now has designated areas to meet your needs. Working conditions in Kuopio Campus Library have remained relatively quiet, so we consider the current signs to be sufficient there for the time being.
To help customers easily identify these zones, we have also improved our signage. Clear and easy-to-read signs have been placed throughout the library, so you can easily find the area that best suits you. “We hope that this change will further improve the library as a study environment”, says Marja Maijala, Head of Customer Services.
The new Reflection room, located at the hall 2A, is available to all library users and is designed to be a multicultural space where anyone can e.g., spend time in silence, meditate, or pray. We hope this space provides a peaceful escape from the busy day.
We also want to remind our customers that there are additional Reflection rooms available in Joensuu and Kuopio campuses. Please read more about them on Kamu (students) or Heimo (staff).
We encourage all library users to take advantage of these new additions and give us feedback. For more information about the library's new Sound zones, please visit our website or ask one of our friendly librarians.