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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Laboratory work.

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Laboratory work.

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Arto Koistinen

Director of Research Infrastructure, UEF

Arto Koistinen

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Profile picture: Laura Tomppo

Laura Tomppo

Senior Researcher

Profile picture: Arto Koistinen

Arto Koistinen

Director of Research Infrastructure

Leila Tiihonen

Project Controller

Profile picture: Jari Leskinen

Jari Leskinen

Laboratory Engineer

Profile picture: Virpi Miettinen

Virpi Miettinen

Senior Laboratory Technician

Ritva Savolainen

Senior Laboratory Technician

Profile picture: Taru Rahkonen

Taru Rahkonen

Project Researcher

Profile picture: Kaisa Raninen

Kaisa Raninen

Project Researcher

Mikko Selenius

Project Researcher

Profile picture: Tuomo Silvast

Tuomo S Silvast

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Joni Hyttinen

Joni Hyttinen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Arja Kullaa

Arja Kullaa

Professor, Emerita

Profile picture: Reijo Lappalainen

Reijo Lappalainen


Jopi Mikkonen

Grant-funded Researcher