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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Istuva henkilö ikkunan ääressä selaamassa puhelinta.

The library takes enhanced action to ensure quiet working conditions

We have continued to receive feedback on excess noise at the library.  The feedback concerns the Joensuu Campus Library in particular. According to the library's Terms of use, the library user should behave in an orderly fashion within the library premises and refrain from disturbing other library users. Failure to comply with the library’s rules and regulations will result in a suspension for a fixed period of time. For example, by its own discretion, the library has the right to terminate the commitment agreement for use of 24/7 self-study facilities. 

If you listen to a lecture recording or music, use headphones. If you are doing teamwork or other voice-intensive work, use the group study spaces. You can also use the Olola space in Joensuu. It is a lounge where casual conversation is encouraged and it is located next to the library's entrance. If you are unsure which facilities are suitable for your purpose, please ensure this from the library's customer service.  

We will monitor the implementation of quiet working conditions in an intensified manner. We are working together within the University to address the problem.