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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Lake water surface.

Water research community at the University of Eastern Finland: presenting research programme, themes and postdoctoral researchers

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Water research community at the University of Eastern Finland, UEF Water organises a webinar where research programme, themes and new postdoctoral researchers are presented. The webinar will be held in English.


9.00 About UEF Water, Professor Jussi Kukkonen and Professor Niko Soininen
9.20 Research themes and researchers
Changing winters on aquatic systems, Professor Anssi Vainikka
Postdoctoral researchers Eerika Albrecht and Carlos Palacín                                                          
9.40 The effects of heavy metals and emerging contaminants on aquatic ecosystems, Professor Raine Kortet
Postdoctoral researchers Sidra Iftekhar and Fazel Abdolahpur Monikh
10.00 The effects of microplastics on aquatic ecosystems, Professor Jaana Rysä
Postdoctoral researcher Mikko Herrala
10.15 Photo catalytically active 3D structures for the industrial wastewater treatment, Associate Professor Anna Lähde
Postdoctoral researcher Irina Levchuk
10.30 Recreational use/tourism relating to aquatic environments, Professor Raija Komppula
Postdoctoral researcher Olga Hannonen
10.45–11.30 Discussion