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Young people playing guitar and singing.

Music, Sound and Wellbeing

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The power of music - an international symposium on sound environments as a source of well-being

How do the vocals, cries, joik and echoes move us? What kind of cultural meanings and emotions do they contain and pass on? This year’s International Music, Sound and Wellbeing Symposium will be held from 9th to 10th September remotely, and like its predecessor, this symposium focuses on the power, effects and roles of the song and human voice studied, both in hobbies and in nursing and therapy work. The theme of the 2021 symposium emphasizes an approach that has been one of the areas of special expertise in cultural research at the University of Eastern Finland for 15 years: the human relationship to the wider sound environment and its listening.

- The basic idea of the symposium is to bring together researchers, artists and actors in the field of social and cultural welfare in the same arena to consider practices, cooperation needs and the role of research in the field, says senior lecturer of ethnomusicology Noora Vikman.

See programme and more information on the symposium web pages.

Please register preferably by September 8th in order to get a participation link. Registration will be open also till the end the symposium. A link to participation will be sent by email to all registered.

For further information, please contact Noora Vikman, email noora.vikman@uef, fi, tel. +358 50 442 2865.

The symposium has received financial support from the Joensuu University Foundation.