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Investigative interviewing of suspects: Current and future challenges to good practice

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Lecturer: Dave Walsh, Professor in Criminal Investigation, De Montfort University, Law School, Leicester
Commentaries from the Finnish police perspective and discussion included. Questions are welcome.
The lecture is open for everyone interested in the topic. You can follow the lecture online (max 300 participants). The lecture will be held in English. 

Dave Walsh is a Professor of Criminal Investigation at DeMontfort University Leicester, UK. Previously, he had a career for over 25 years in various UK government departments, as either a criminal investigator, investigations staff trainer, or as an investigations manager. He estimates that in these roles, he dealt with over 3,000 interviews with either victims, witnesses, suspects or informants. In 2011 he successfully defended his PhD thesis at the University of Leicester, UK, where he examined the interviewing of suspects. He has authored or co-authored over 50 academic research articles, books and book chapters. He also was lead editor of two volumes recently published in 2016 that examined the interviewing of victims, witnesses and suspects in over fifty countries.

He has presented talks at over 250 conferences around the world, and he continues to work with many practitioners internationally, working in countries such as the USA, Japan, Slovenia, Romania, Malaysia, and Belgium. His research interests now concern those interviews, where an interpreter is required, human trafficking and fraud cases, and the interviewing of vulnerable people.