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Essay for History Minor, 2023-2024

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1 ECTS credits
Continuous learning category:
History and culture
Teaching format:
Independent learning
15 € (VAT 0%)
Jatkuva oppiminen verkkosivut

Essay on a topic given by the teacher (see Evaluation criteria); independent studying (15 h), independent writing (12 h)

The evaluation of this course is based on an essay of 1200 to 1500 words in which the student reflects on the following questions (by taking inspiration from the required reading):
1) Why should we as historians study the past today and what is your individual motivation to do so?;
2) To what extent is the historical method unique or not? What makes it scientific or not? And what are its limitations?

The required essay in order to pass this course can be submitted four times a year, according to the following deadlines: 15.9., 15.11., 15.1., 15.3. or 15.5.2024.

Learning material: John Lewis Gaddis, The landscape of history: how historians map the past (Oxford: University Press 2002).

All students interested in History.

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Irrespective of time

The required essay in order to pass this course can be submitted four times a year, according to the following deadlines: 15.9., 15.11., 15.1., 15.3. or 15.5.2024.

Essay, academic year 2023-2024


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