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Circular economy as a societal change, essay, AY 2023-2024

smart for good
2 ECTS credits
Continuous learning category:
Law and society, Environmental and natural sciences
Teaching format:
Independent learning
30 € (VAT 0%)
Jatkuva oppiminen verkkosivut

Modes of study: Essay analyzing the circular economy

Teacher: Jukka Sihvonen

PLEASE NOTE! A student can complete the essay section only after having first completed the MOOC course as an open university student! The deadlines for the essey are; in the autumn, by Dec 16th, 2023 and in the spring, by Jun 15th, 2024. Students may register for botht the MOOC and essey for the same semester. However, the essay won't be evaluated until the MOOC is completed. If you have completed the MOOC course in a previous year, you can now complete only the essay.

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