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Flags of the University of Eastern Finland.

University of Eastern Finland succeeded in an international sustainability ranking

The University of Eastern Finland reached great results in the newest international sustainability ranking arranged by QS. A total of 1,403 higher education institutions took part in the ranking globally, and the University of Eastern Finland was ranked in 164th overall.

From ten Finnish universities that took part in the ranking, the University of Eastern Finland was the third best. The University of Eastern Finland performed especially well on the category of environmental research, where the university reached the top 50 in the world. Based on the ranking, environmental research in the University of Eastern Finland can be considered top-notch globally. Another category where the University of Eastern Finland performed especially well was health and wellbeing where the rank was 46.

The international QS Sustainability Ranking examines the sustainability of higher education institutions through their education, research as well as practical actions taken by the universities. The ranking is among other things, based on information that is gathered from the universities and then validated as well as research data gathered from a research database.

QS Sustainability Ranking was now arranged for a second time. The first round last year was a lighter pilot edition with about half as many universities participating. In the now updated ranking, the universities are ranked mainly based on their environmental and social impact. Both categories make 45 % of the ranking. The last 10 % is ranked based on governance indicators. 

More information on the QS Sustainability Ranking on website.

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