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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

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University of Eastern Finland appoints new Deans

The University of Eastern Finland has appointed new Deans for its faculties for a term of office stating at the beginning of 2022. The university’s Board made the appointment decisions on 10 May.
Professor Janne Pietarinen, PhD (Education), was re-appointed as the Dean of the Philosophical Faculty; Professor of Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Head of the Department of Applied Physics Kari Lehtinen, Doctor of Science (Technology), was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Forestry; Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Chief Physician Jussi Pihlajamäki, MD, was re-appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences; and Professor of Social Work, especially Welfare Services Sari Rissanen, DSocSc, Licentiate of Health Sciences, was re-appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies. 

In other words, three of the Deans will continue for a second term. Rector Jukka Mönkkönen also warmly welcomes Kari Lehtinen, who was appointed as a Dean for the first time.

“During the term that is now ending, the Deans have led their faculties in an exemplary manner, and collaboration with the university's Leadership Group has also been excellent. I am convinced that the newly appointed Deans will continue this excellent work for the benefit of their faculties, and the university as a whole,” Rector Mönkkönen says.

The Deans lead the activities of their faculty and are responsible for research and education in their faculty in accordance with the university’s strategy. The Deans of the faculties are members of the UEF Leadership Group.

The term of office of the current Deans will end on 31 December 2021. The term of office of the Deans starting at the beginning of the year will run until the end of 2025. The process to appoint the Vice-Deans of the faculties and the Heads and Deputy Heads of the schools, departments and institutes will be launched on 17 May. 

For further information, please contact:
Rector Jukka Mönkkönen, +358 294 45 8001