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Man and boy making salad.

Towards a gentler relationship with food

The debate around food and nutrition is often characterised by a weight-oriented mindset and the moralising of food choices. Several projects are underway at the University of Eastern Finland that seek to help embrace a gentler and more accepting approach to food and eating in food education. 

  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Mostphotos and Bettiina Lievonen
Salad leaf and fork.

The intention is not to discard nutritional recommendations entirely but rather to challenge the way we think about food in terms of black and white and “right” or “wrong” eating.

Sanna Talvia

University Lecturer in Home Economics

Boy and man eating hamburgers.

It is essential that educators come to terms with their own relationship with food.

Leila Karhunen

University Lecturer in Clinical Nutritional Science

Picture of Food Relationship.
The relationship with food is affected by many things.