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Child is eating lunch in forest.

Municipalities involved in building children's relationship with food

In order for children to have an uncomplicated relationship with food, it is good to start building a balanced food relationship in already in early childhood education.

  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Varpu Heiskanen and Mostphotos
Girl with Rasberry's.

The municipality should have a common understanding of the level of food education in its early childhood education, and how it can be collaboratively developed further.

Kaisa Kähkönen

Project Coordinator, Nutritionist

Children in forest.

We urge educators to think about how their food relationship is reflected on their work – whether it is a resource or whether it narrows their thinking.

Titta Kettukangas

University Lecturer in Early Childhood Education

We hope that, in the future, the development of children’s food relationship can be supported more individually than before.

Sanna Talvia

University Lecturer in Home Economics