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Start-ups should invest in communicating their employer value proposition to attract international talent

For Finnish companies, attracting and retaining talented workforce is a key challenge. Many start-ups have responded to this challenge by, e.g., building strong employer brands with value propositions that seek to attract international talent to Finland. Ways for globally oriented start-ups in Finland to strengthen their employer brand and its communication to international experts were explored in a recent Master’s thesis completed at the University of Eastern Finland.

The Master’s thesis, written by Milla Vuojolahti in the field of business studies, analysed how Finnish start-ups should communicate their employer value proposition to international experts currently based in Finland. Inclusion and diversity play a key role and should be highlighted in the development of strategies for employer branding. Start-ups can boost their attractiveness by creating an environment that welcomes and appreciates people from different backgrounds.

In order to attract international talent, companies should also promote how well individuals are and get integrated into the organisation and its community. Open communication, growth opportunities, transparency, a good work-life balance and a flexible working environment are key factors in this. New start-ups should consider the values and expectations of international experts in their efforts to create an attractive corporate culture.

In addition, companies should communicate their employer value proposition and corporate culture on multiple channels. LinkedIn and various career portals play a key role in employer branding and job advertising. Instagram, on the other hand, is an efficient channel for companies to showcase their corporate culture.

“Clear communication, employee testimonials and recommendations are held in high regard on social media. Networks and word-of-mouth recommendations are also effective channels for communicating employer value propositions,” Vuojolahti says.

Vuojolahti has received a Master’s thesis grant from Suomen ulkomaankaupan edistämisyhdistys, SUE (‘Finnish Association for the Promotion of Foreign Trade’).

The Master’s thesis is available for viewing in the University of Eastern Finland Library. Copies may also be requested directly from Milla Vuojolahti. 

For further information, please contact:
Milla Vuojolahti, tel. +358 50 5024087, vuojolahti.milla(at)