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Preparing for power outages at UEF

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Staff see the University of Eastern Finland as a responsible and interesting employer

The University of Eastern Finland is seen as an interesting, ethical and responsible employer that takes the environment and the surrounding society into concern, according to a new reputation survey conducted among the University of Eastern Finland staff by T-Media. More than 900 university employees responded to the survey late last year.

According to the results, the overall reputation of the University of Eastern Finland among staff is good: people enjoy working at the university, and also recommend it as a workplace to others. In particular, being able to contribute to society in a beneficial manner, and the excellent level of competence among staff, are highlighted positively in the responses. The university is also perceived as an interesting place to work in.

“The most obvious reputational strengths of the university include not only its concern for the environment and the surrounding society, but also ethicality and responsibility in its activities. Being open and transparent, and having leadership with a clear vision, are also potential reputational strengths,” says the university’s Director of Human Resources and Staff Well-being Ulla Hurskainen.

The university’s interaction with stakeholders and staff was identified as a target of development, and there is also room for improvement in the equal treatment of employees. 

The University of Eastern Finland was the first Finnish university to conduct a reputation survey among its own staff. In the past, similar reputation surveys have been carried out among external stakeholders. The results will be further analysed and used at the university on the faculty and unit levels.

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