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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

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Six new Academy Projects in natural sciences and engineering research at UEF

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering has granted funding for 91 new Academy Projects, of which 6 are at UEF. The funding totals around 40 million euros. The Research Council’s funding to Academy Projects at UEF amounts to 2.68 million euros.

Professor Mikko Kolehmainen’s project, Harvesting solar PV data for improved meteorology (Harvest) / Consortium: Harvest, was granted 400,008 euros of funding.

Professor Igor Koshevoy’s project, Hybrid organophosphorus ligands for constructing dynamic light-emitting systems, was granted 471,341 euros of funding.

Professor Jussi Tohka’s project, PRIMAL: Robust Framework for PRedictive IMage AnaLysis of Brain Change, was granted 449,962 euros of funding.

Professor Tero Setälä’s project, Spin controlled geometric-phase photonics with random light, was granted 459,064 euros of funding.

Professor Pasi Karjalainen’s project, Remote Virtual Physiotherapist / Consortium: REVIP, was granted 320,024 euros of funding.

Professor Tomi Kinnunen’s project, Generalized Voice Anti-Spoofing and Voice Biometrics (SPEECHFAKES), was granted 586,463 euros of funding.

Contact information of researchers can be found on UEF Connect Service.

Source: Academy of Finland.