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Self-tracking creates an illusion of control

Are you one those people who check their sleep score first thing in the morning? Do you keep track of your heart rate variability and recovery times? The number of self-trackers keeps on growing. A psychologist, however, warns against reducing health to mere numbers.

  • Text by Nina Venhe | Picture by Varpu Heiskanen

An individualistic conception of the self is emphasised in the idea that health and well-being are merely the result of an individual's choices and lifestyles.

Self-tracking is only a small part of health promotion, and there isn’t much research on the topic yet.

Sanna Sinikallio, University Lecturer of Health Promotion

Sanna Sinikallio

Service providers now have access to a vast amount of data on what self-trackers do.

Sanna Sinikallio, University Lecturer of Health Promotion