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Man holding a kettle bell.

Self-tracking boom serves science, too

Did you take another walk around the block just to reach your goal of 10,000 steps? Professor Heikki Tikkanen explains whether it was worth it – and how the self-tracking boom can be made use of in health care and research.

  • Health and well-being
  • Text by Ulla Kaltiala | Pictures Raija Törrönen

Data from consumer-grade devices shouldn’t be trusted blindly.

Heikki Tikkanen, liikuntalääketieteen professori

Heikki Tikkanen
Use of self-montiring device by age group
Source: Statistics Finland

Researchers are interested in self-tracking not only in the context of health promotion, but also as a tool for collecting health-related data.

It is important that researchers study health technology and develop it in collaboration with companies operating in the field.

Heikki Tikkanen, Professor of Sport and Exercise Medicine

Examples of self-tracking.