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Necklace-embedded ECG recording device.

New ECG necklace can detect arrhythmia

A new ECG necklace developed by researchers at the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital can help to detect atrial fibrillation reliably. The necklace has an integrated measurement sensor, which makes it possible for patients to perform an ECG independently. According to the researchers, self-monitoring of heart rhythm also makes it easier to detect patients who are asymptomatic or whose symptoms occur irregularly.

Founded by researchers, Heart2Save is a health technology company that provides solutions for continuous monitoring of arrhythmias. Joining forces with the Finnish jewellery company Saurum, Heart2Save now introduces the world's first ECG necklace.  The necklace comes with an easy-to-use integrated measurement sensor and an automated ECG analysis service.

“Continuous heart rhythm monitoring is needed for detecting occasional arrhythmia or asymptomatic atrial fibrillation. In a necklace, the sensor is easy to wear everywhere. Our necklace also meets the requirements set for medical devices and its design is geared towards making sure that patients will want to wear it,” Emergency Physician Helena Jäntti, Heart2Save CEO, says.

Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of long-lasting arrhythmia, which increases the risk of stroke, among other things. However, early diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and subsequent treatment significantly reduce this risk.

Preliminary results relating to the new ECG necklace were presented in a congress of the European Society of Cardiology earlier this spring. These preliminary results suggest that the device produces reliable ECG measurement data from which both cardiologist and the automated AiVoni ECG analysis service can reliably detect atrial fibrillation.

The results were presented in the congress by Elmeri Santala, Bachelor of Medicine, who is completing his MD degree under the supervision of Dr Jäntti.

The ECG necklace will be introduced to the markets under the brand name AiVoni <3 Lumoava.

For further information, please contact:

Helena Jäntti, CEO, Heart2Save, +358 40 553 8438, helena.jantti (a)