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Joensuun kampuskerroksen portaat kolmannesta kerroksesta kuvattuna

Joensuu campus library extends its 24/7 self-study facilities to the stair landings

In Joensuu, the library's 24/7 self-study facilities have so far been limited to the 1st floor. Now the use of the facilities will be extended to the stair landings on the 2nd and 3rd floors. You can use an elevator to move between the floors.

The toilets, storage lockers and working spaces on the stair landings can now be used during the self-study period. Joensuu Campus Library has Sound Zones. The stair landings belong to a working area where quiet conversation is allowed with others in mind: sound carries quite easily from upper floors to the 1st floor. The halls on the 2nd and 3rd floors are still accessible only during the library's opening hours.

The first-floor corridor between Carelia and Conservatory of Music will remain open as usual, and its storage lockers and toilet facilities will be available.  The accessible toilet can be found in the corridor. 

The storage facilities on the first floor (Avola and Liukula) and the lounge Olola will continue to be used only during the library's opening hours.