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Gentle reminder: personal items and computer area etiquette in the library

We kindly remind you of following the library's terms of use while using our facilities. Please remember that any personal items left unattended are considered lost property and will be handled by the university's facility management officers.

For those using our 24/7 self-service facilities, we advise to take your belongings with you when leaving. If you leave your items in the library, we will leave them in place until the next morning.

There is plenty of use for computers, so please take others into consideration. If the university’s computer is not used for 15 minutes, it’s freely available to other customers. It's important to ensure your information security by logging out of sessions when stepping away from the computer.

Please note that installing software on university computers is strictly forbidden, and the university isn't responsible for equipment or software malfunctions or any damage incurred by malware. As a library customer, it's your responsibility to follow the university's information security protocols. 

Thank you for doing your share in making the library a cozy working environment for all of us.