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Teacher and pupils in classroom.

Doctoral Defence of Basanta Prasad Adhikari, MBA, 7.6.2022: New ways to understand the real-life challenges of new teachers in Nepal

The doctoral dissertation in the field of Education will be examined at the Philosophical Faculty online.

What is the topic of your doctoral research? Why is it important to study the topic?

The topic of my dissertation is "The impact of the key components of the induction program on new teachers' intention to remain in the profession in Chitwan district, Nepal." This topic of my dissertation provides new teachers in their first and second years of teaching with mentorship so that they are more effective in their classrooms and get support in those most challenging years. This topic is also crucial because this issue is a completely new phenomenon in the Nepalese context along with the global issues of teacher attrition and retention. This topic is also a global issue of teacher education. This topic is suitable for effective teacher retention, and support for quality induction programs for new teachers.

What are the key findings or observations of your doctoral research?

The results of this study confirmed that highly task-oriented principal management behaviour, collegial support for instructional skills, collegial support for content knowledge, positive and collegial working atmosphere, facilities of well-working observation, high expectation of teacher performance, and emphasis on effective teaching were influential indicators of new teachers’ retention and attrition intentions. The research findings provide a foundation for continued research, as well as a framework for understanding how the key components of the induction programme may influence teachers’ decisions to remain or leave. Similarly, the qualitative results foregrounded the perceptions and experiences of new teachers’ intention to remain or not remain in the profession based on the deep, experience-based understanding of induction support of eleven interviewees' forms of induction support. The interviewees reported on the different forms of induction support mechanisms were not helpful during the five years of their career development.

How can the results of your doctoral research be utilised in practice?

The results of my study will be utilized by school principals who are suffering from a high rate of new teacher attrition in the schools of Chitwan district, Nepal. The findings of this study will be exercised by school educators, school principals, policymakers, and school management committees to understand the problems of new teachers and reform traditional educational policies to address the current demands of new teachers. The very factual utilization of the research findings is practiced by the current author who is leading seven educational institutions in Nepal. The finding of this study would also be practiced by the future researcher as an archive in the Nepalese context to understand the current facilities of the induction support program in Nepal. 

What are the key research methods and materials used in your doctoral research?

A mixed-methods approach was applied that combines both quantitative and qualitative methods and has different models for a research study. The convergent parallel design was used to make instinctive sense. Moreover, the survey study was applied to represent a large sample population, produce numerical data, and delivers descriptive inferential and explanatory data. A survey study was applied to observe and make generalizations about designs of response in the target of attention, collecting data that can be the responses of analyzed statistically, and typically relies on large-scale data gathering from a large population to empower the generalizations of this study. The quantitative data were collected by the survey questionnaire and qualitative data were collected by using the semi-structured interview questions. Two hundred and ten (n=210) were quantitative samples and eleven interviewees (n=11) were qualitative data samples. The descriptive statistical analysis was a quantitative data analysis method and content analysis was a qualitative data analysis method.

Is there something else about your doctoral dissertation you would like to share in the press release?

This dissertation is very relevant in the Nepalese context because the role of induction support is an emerging issue in the educational field. The growth of induction support facilities is just raising in the Nepalese education sector so my dissertation will be a milestone to build up and understand the real problems of new teachers in Nepal.

Doctoral defence online

Dissertation online

For further information, please contact:
Basanta Pd Adhikari, adhikaribasantaprasad(at), tel. 00977984510601, @Basanta98188595