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Photo of Tero Mustonen.

Climate researcher and professional fisherman Tero Mustonen selected as UEF’s Alumnus of the Year

Tero Mustonen, Chair of the Snowchange Cooperative and University of Eastern Finland Docent, has been selected as the Alumnus of the Year of the University of Eastern Finland.

  • Text Sari Eskelinen | Photo Raija Törrönen | Video Kimmo Salvén

Environmental issues need to be examined from a multidisciplinary perspective and researchers need to be able to engage in multidisciplinary dialogue. When researchers can put their own discipline aside and hear questions and truths, even harsh ones, from other disciplines, it creates a sufficiently robust approach to solving complex environmental problems. And that’s not very easy to achieve.

Tero Mustonen

Alumnus of the Year

An aerial photo of the Linnunsuo wetland.
An aerial photo of the Linnunsuo wetland.