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An aerial photo of the Linnunsuo wetland.

A bringer of hope

Scientists understand what it takes to respond to the challenges posed by climate change. This understanding should now be put into words and concrete measures, climate researcher Tero Mustonen says.

  • Text by Sari Eskelinen
  • Photos by Janne Raassina and Raija Törrönen
Photo of Tero Mustonen.
Tero Mustonen chairs the Selkie village committee and, according to him, the Linnunsuo wetland is a good example of well-functioning co-management. There is room for bird watchers and, after the autumn migration of waders, also for hunters.

It doesn’t take immense resources to restore wetlands into natural environments that are suitable for birds.

Even small things matter when safeguarding biodiversity and mitigating climate change.