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Lights and data.

A century of light

“Photonics is about light: we create, modify, observe and move light from one place to another,” Head of the Institute of Photonics, Professor Jyrki Saarinen says.

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“Photonics comprises visible light as well as infrared (thermal) and UV radiation. In addition to natural light from the sun, light is also generated by various lamps, lasers and displays.”

“Photonics is enabling by nature,” Impact Manager Juha Purmonen from the Photonics Research and Innovation PREIN Flagship on says.

“We now have products that have never existed before, such as CDs and flat televisions. However, the most important aspect of photonics is perhaps its potential to solve global challenges, such as issues related to the climate, energy production and health,” he says.

Solar panel and clouds.

“This is a century of photonics and biotechnology.”

Professor Jyrki Saarinen

Head of the Institute of Photonics

Man watching a holographic screen.

“The first AR glasses will become available to consumers in a couple of years.”

Petri Stenberg

VP of Manufacturing & Site Manager, Dispelix Oy

Robot touching a holographic screen.