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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

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A career path at UEF to well-performing Academy Research Fellow applicants

The University of Eastern Finland invests in research career paths and continues to hire well-performing Academy Research Fellow applicants as UEF Research Fellows.

- This year was the first time we made use of the evaluations of the Academy Research Fellow call in our own recruitments. We hire seven well-performed applicants as UEF Research Fellows. Based on good experiences we decided to continue the practice, says Rector Jukka Mönkkönen.

According to Mönkkönen the practice relieves researchers’ application pressure by allowing the same application to be used for several positions.

- We want to offer talented and ambitious researchers the possibility to develop their independent career paths, argues Mönkkönen.

Researchers that apply in the Academy Research Fellow in the September 2022 call, but do not get funded, can apply for the UEF Research Fellow positions at the University of Eastern Finland, given that their application receives the score of 5 or 6 from the Academy evaluation and that their host institution for the Academy Research Fellow application is the University of Eastern Finland.

The University is prepared to hire seven three-year UEF Research Fellows for the period 1 August 2023 – 31 July 2026. Those who fulfill the application criteria will receive further information on the application procedure via e-mail after the Academy of Finland evaluations. Decision on who will be hired on UEF Research Fellow positions will be made in June 2023.

The Research Services of the University of Eastern Finland offers training for those applying to the Academy Research Fellow call in the summer and autumn 2022 and gives feedback on proposal drafts.

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