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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

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7 new Academy Projects in biosciences, health and environmental research at UEF

The Research Council’s funding to Academy Projects at UEF amounts to 2.9 million euros.

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment has granted funding for 70 new Academy Projects, of which 7 are at UEF. The funding totals around 38 million euros and the success rate was about 17 per cent. The Research Council’s funding to Academy Projects at UEF amounts to 2.9 million euros.

Pirkka Kirjavainen’s project, Defining the protective features of asthma preventive early bacterial exposures / Consortium: PREVEX, was granted 400,000 euros of funding.

Timo Lakka’s project, Discovery of Novel Biomarkers to Predict and Prevent Abnormalities in Glucose Metabolism since Childhood,  was granted 457,524 e euros of funding.

Marja Maljanen’s project, Emissions of reactive nitrogen gases (HONO and NO) from northern peatlands - Unraveling the nitrogen cycle in northern soils under changing climate (ERNO), was granted 433,284 euros of funding.

Anssi Vainikka’s project, Genomic tools for the assessment of trait changes in managed fish populations / Consortium: GENTOOLS, was granted 299,800 euros of funding.

Sylvain Tollis’s project, How cell size couples to the environment: quantitative genetic and biophysical characterization of the cell division molecular trigger, and size control mechanisms, was granted 488,677 euros of funding.

Heli Peltola’s project, Precision nutrient management - a tool for mitigation of climate change and environmental loading in boreal forestry / Consortium: PREFER, was granted 399,952 euros of funding.

Asla Pitkänen’s project, Targeting molecular pathology of epileptogenic cortex to mitigate post-traumatic epileptogenesis, was granted 500 000 euros of funding.

Source: Academy of Finland press release

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