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Workshop Series: Supported, Accessible and Equal Decision-making

  • Seminar
  • Economy and society
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Joensuu campus, Aurora building, room AU112
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Yliopistokatu 2
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​The first workshop ‘Support for Exercising Legal Capacity’ will be held in Joensuu on 13-14 February 2023. The Workshop begins 10 a.m Monday morning. The first seminar day ends 4 or 5 p.m depending on how many presentations we have. The second seminar day begins 9 a.m on Tuesday morning and ends 12 a.m.

The keynote speaker will be Adrian D. Ward from Scotland. The workshop will reflect
on what supported decision-making amounts to in the light of recent research. What are the
conditions for it? What is the meaning of the concept under international human rights instruments and national laws? The workshop will approach these questions in particular from the perspectives of social policy, jurisprudence and comparative law. In addition, it provides an insight into legal reality of decision-making as Attorney-of-Law Minttu-Maaria Pekkanen comments the Finnish guardianship practice. 

Registration open until 31 January.

The second workshop ‘Accessibility and Decision-making’ will be held in Helsinki on 8 June 2023.
The keynote speaker will be Professor Rosie Harding from the University of Birmingham. The
workshop will build on the results of and ideas discussed during the first workshop. What is the legal language to be achieved? How to conduct empirical research in the field?  Registration will be opened 1.4.2023. 

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Organiser: Center of Law and Welfare and the Discipline of Civil Law, UEF Law School 


Contact person: Katja Karjalainen, email