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What is preclinical neuroscience research?

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Kuopio campus, Medistudia building, room MS300, and online
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Yliopistonranta 1 A
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Neuro Research Community Seminar: What is preclinical neuroscience research?


Katja Kanninen

Session 1: Genetic, molecular and cellular neuroscience 

Mikko Hiltunen, Professor
Microglial regulatory networks in Alzheimer’s disease – genetic and functional approach

Noora Puhakka, Assistant Professor
Unveiling the role of transfer RNAs in brain diseases

Annakaisa Haapasalo, Research Director
Molecular basis of frontotemporal dementia

Session 2: Preclinical studies using patient-derived cell models

Riikka Martikainen, Research Director
Stem cell derived models for mitochondrial diseases

Tarja Malm, Professor
Models and mechanisms of microglia-neuron interaction

Sarka Lehtonen, Group Leader
Human cell-based models to study neurological diseases and develop modifying therapies

Katja Kanninen, Associate Professor
The Nose as a Window to the Brain – a Direct Path for Harmful Environmental Substances?

Coffee break

Anna Karjalainen, Regional Manager
Getting familiar with Kuopio Brain & Mind

Session 3: Preclinical animal studies and brain imaging approaches

Nanxiang Jin, Senior Researcher
Sleep-related epileptic spiking in Alzheimer’s disease, significance and treatment options

Alejandra Sierra Lopez, Research Director
Multiscale imaging of the brain

Mikko Kettunen, Research Director
Metabolic MRI

Olli Gröhn, Professor
Novel preclinical fMRI approaches: from anesthetized to behaving animals

Mikko Hiltunen, Professor
Closing words

For more information, please contact Associate Professor Katja Kanninen, email