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Webinar series: Forestry in Finland and northern US, Current issues and opportunities: a look towards the future

University of Eastern Finland, in collaboration with the University of Maine and the Michigan State University, will present a four-part webinar series focused on Forestry in Finland and northern US.
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In each 1-hour session, the speakers from all three locations (Finland, Maine and Michigan) will speak about the topic from their own locality specific perspective. At the end of the session, there is some time for questions and open discussion. The speakers are not only from the universities, but also from other institutes like Finnish Forest Centre, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Maine Forest Products Company and Michigan Department of Natural Resources, to be mentioned.

See full programme of the webinar series here and register each of them separately.


Webinar 4: Current issues and opportunities: a look towards the future – Thursday 28 April, 9 am - 10 am EDT / 4 pm - 5 pm EET


The fourth and the final webinar considers the current issues and opportunities in research, development and innovation sector, as well as economics and markets not forgetting climate change and the maintenance of biodiversity. The speakers are Jyrki Kangas (University of Eastern Finland), Raju Pokharel (Michigan State University) and Bri Bowman (FOR/Maine). At the end of the fourth webinar, there is a closure for the webinar series.


Speaker biographies

The webinar recording is available until 17 May 2022. Link to the webinar recording