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Homosexuality and LGBTQ+ rights from different Christian perspectives

What kind of perspectives do Christian churches and communities have on homosexuality and LGBTQ+ rights? How are they visible in congregational life? The School of Theology invites audience to take part in a seminar in which these questions are analyzed. The seminar begins with an academic session (in English) and concludes with a pastoral panel discussion (in Finnish). The seminar is part of the East Meets West event series at the School of Theology.
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Agora, AG100
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Joensuu campus
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The seminar focuses on different Christian approaches to homosexuality and LGBTQ+ rights. The topic can be approached from a variety of angles, for example, theology, history, sociology, law, and politics. This seminar seeks to shed light on how different Christian churches and communities approach topics such as same-sex marriage, or the role of the LGBTQ+ in the congregation. The speakers of the seminar address the topic from academic as well as pastoral perspectives. They reflect upon the theological argumentations behind differing views on homosexuality and LGBTQ+ rights in different Christian denominations, as well as their societal implications.

The seminar takes place on site in Joensuu, but presentations and the panel discussion may also be attended online (use the link to Zoom). 



10.00 Opening. Dr Maria Takala-Roszczenko (Assistant Professor and Vice Head of the UEF School of Theology)

Academic session (in English), chair: Maria Takala-Roszczenko

  • 10.05–10.35    Dr Laura Kallatsa (Postdoctoral Researcher, UEF School of Theology), To marry, or not to marry? The attitudes of clergy of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland towards same-sex marriage
  • 10.35–11.05    Dr Eetu Kejonen (Amanuensis, Postdoctoral Researcher, Åbo Akademi), Finnish revivalist movements, homosexuality and LGB people – some remarks
  • 11.05–11.30    Dr Talvikki Ahonen (Postdoctoral Researcher, UEF School of Theology), Orthodox Christian statements and responses to LGBTQ+ groups
  • 11.35–12.05    Dr Dawid Bunikowski (Professor at the State University of Applied Sciences in Wloclawek, Poland, Visiting Scholar, UEF School of Theology), Homosexuality and LGBT rights in the light of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

12.05–13.00 Lunch break

Panel discussion (in Finnish), moderator: Laura Kallatsa


  • Fr Krystian Kalinowski, Chaplain of Saint Joseph’s Parish, Catholic Church, Diaspora in Joensuu
  • Fr Teemu Toivonen, University teacher, University of Eastern Finland; Pastor, Orthodox Church of Finland
  • Katri Vilén, Dean of the Joensuu Parish, Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland
  • Sarah Tiainen, Pastor, Swedish Methodist Church in Finland; Finnish Ecumenical Council



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