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Coronavirus situation at the University of Eastern Finland

Kuvituskuva, vihreitä viivoja.

Ecosystems of impact

What is an ecosystem?

Kuopio Health

Open Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem.

Green HUB

Open innovation platform for bioeconomy and forest bioeconomy.

Global Education Park

Network of educational institutes and experts.


Photonics Research and Innovation platform.

Neurocenter Finland

Platform for research in neurosciences and product development.

House of Effectiveness

Multidisciplinary network of welfare and health related effectiveness research and education.
Profile picture: Arttu Taponen

Arttu Taponen

Account Manager


Profile picture: Harri Niska

Harri Niska

Account Manager


Profile picture: Joonas Ruuskanen

Joonas Ruuskanen

Innovation Advisor


Heli Laine

Business Cooperation Coordinator