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Open university: Active Citizenship and Non-Formal Education, autumn 2023

Open university
smart for good
5 ECTS credits
Continuous learning category:
Teaching, education and psychology
Teaching format:
Independent learning
75 € (VAT 0%)
Jatkuva oppiminen verkkosivut

Course contents:

1) Introduction to Finnish adult education, non-formal education and the concept of active citizenship.
2) Introduction to the concept of sustainable development and the role of active citizenship and non-formal education in promoting sustainable development.
3) Students will familiarize themselves with the concepts of non-formal education and active citizenship in their own countries and culture.

Learning outcomes:

Students will:

  • Be familiar with the position and status of adult education as part of the Finnish education system, especially the significance of non-formal education in Finnish society.
  • Be conversant with the tradition of non-formal education and the different forms of the manifestation of active citizenship in Finland and abroad.
  • Be familiar with operations of institutions offering active citizenship and non-formal education.
  • Understand how active citizenship and non-formal education contribute to sustainable development goals.

Please check Peppi- study guide for more information about the course.

This course is a part of the basic studies Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development that also offer an open university route to a Bachelor Degree Programme of the same name at the University of Eastern Finland. Read more here.

Online course: learning tasks 20 h, essay 30 h, independent work 85 h. The course consists of independent learning modules. In each of these modules, students will complete a set of learning tasks. There are compulsory parts and optional parts in each module. Students will write an essay of 5-6 pages using the course literature provided in Moodle. Students must choose their own topic and title for the essay.

If you have been granted temporary protection in Finland (by Migri), this English-language course is free for the academic year 2023-2024.  Please contact training secretary for registration.

The normal study fee is 15 euros per ECTS credit. The study fee is paid at registration.

If the teaching is provided by a partner school of the Open University, the study fee consists of the Open University’s study fee and the partner school’s fee. The study fee is paid when registering for the course. Please find more information: Registration, study fees and right to study | University of Eastern Finland ( There is no separate registration or fee for study modules; register for each course individually.

By paying the study fee, the student receives a temporary right to study that entitles them to attend a particular course. The right to study is course-specific, and is required to complete the course as specified in the syllabus for the term, covering both teaching and course exams. If the course is continuously open for registration, the maximum time to complete the course is from 1 August to 31 July for that academic year.

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Registration starts:
2023-08-08 09:00
Registration ends:
2023-10-25 15:00