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MOOC: Landscape Geography and Collaborative Knowledge Creation

Landscapes - environments for dialog between nature and culture
smart for good
2 ECTS credits
Continuous learning category:
Environmental and natural sciences
Teaching format:
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Course content:

  • Landscape
  • European Landscape Convention
  • Citizen science and citizen science technologies
  • Civic engagement
  • Collaborative knowledge creation
  • Traditional & local knowledge
  • Scenario building

After completing the course, the student

  • is familiar with landscape approach
  • recognizes the key questions concerning landscape governance, collaborative knowledge creation and civic engagement
  • has enhanced their landscape awareness
  • is able to manage innovative and participatory technologies supporting landscape planning
  • is able to co-create simple scenarios for the use of landscape management

This MOOC is open in Digicampus year-round expect for a two-week maintenance break in August.

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I just want to browse the content or learn more, but I don’t need credit points or certificates.

  • By logging into Digicampus with your Google-id, Haka identification (if you are a student at another university or UAS) or identification, you can study the course content and your progress is saved on the course page. You can also complete course assignments, but no official certificates will be given.
  • Access the course in the Digicampus learning environment

I want to complete the course and receive credit points and a certificate of completion.

  • As an open university student, you can get the credit points for the course as well as a certificate of the completed course.
  • Register for the course as an open university student according to the instructions on our website. After registering, you will receive information and instructions on how to start studying by email.
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I am a student at the University of Eastern Finland

  • If you are a degree student or a student with the continued right to study (after graduation), you can register for the course in Peppi. You can get the credit points free of charge.
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