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MOOC: Adult Education Promoting Sustainable Development

Lifelong learning and sustainability challenges in adults’ everyday lives.
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6 ECTS credits
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The MOOC course covers the following topics: 

  • Introduction to the concepts of adult education and sustainable development.  
  • Adult education, education policy and sustainable development.  
  • Work and family, towards a sustainable working life.  
  • Leisure time and non-formal learning.  
  • Media and new technologies as enablers and threat to sustainable development. 

Learning outcomes 

After the course, the student will: 

  • Be familiar with the concept of adult education and sustainable development within a social cultural context.   
  • Be able to discuss and compare sustainable development within Finnish adult education policy.   
  • Be familiar with how work/life balance connects to sustainable development and how to encourage it.   
  • Be familiar with the connection between non-formal learning and social cultural sustainable development.   
  • Be familiar with how the development of new technologies can enable or disrupt sustainable development. 

The course is taught in English, and is available in Digicampus year-round: . 

The course is open to anyone interested in adult education and sustainability and does not require any previous studies in education.

You can study MOOC courses in different ways: 

  • I just want to browse the content or learn more, but I don’t need credit points or certificates.
    • The course is available on the DigiCampus learning platform. Anyone interested in the course can view and study the course content for free. You can sign into DigiCampus with your own Google-id, HAKA-id or in system. You can also visit the course without signing in, but you may not be able to see all the materials and learning tasks of the course. When signed in, you will be able to see and complete the learning tasks of the course, but they will not be evaluated or graded by the course teacher.  
    • Please note that no credit points, evaluations or official study certificates are given for a free-of-charge completion of the course.  
  • I want to complete the course and receive credit points and a certificate of completion. 
    • As an open university student, you can get credit points for the course as well as a certificate of the completed course. Register for the course as an open university student according to the instructions on our website. After registering, you will receive information and instructions on how to start studying by email. Please note that studying at the Open university is available for a fee. For more information, See study fees and right to study on our website
  • I am a student at the University of Eastern Finland 
    • If you are a degree student or a student with the continued right to study (after graduation) at the University of Eastern Finland, you can register for the course in Peppi. You can get the credit points free of charge.