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Border wall.

University of Eastern Finland to host a symposium on the impact of migration and state borders on the natural environment

On 27–28 September 2023, the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu will host a symposium titled “Bordering Nature: Reimagining borders against the climate of crisis”. Finnish and international researchers will gather in Joensuu to discuss pressing questions concerning the impact of migration and bordering practices on contemporary European societies and the natural environment. The event is open to the public. In addition, lectures by invited speakers will also be streamed online.

International experts to discuss borders

Participants of the symposium will get the opportunity to listen to lectures by well-known border studies experts, environmental historians and artists from Finland, Poland, Sweden and Italy. Among the topics is the increasing number of border barriers, such as walls and fences that proliferate at the European Union's external borders – including the most recent one under construction on the Finnish border with Russia. Speakers will discuss the impact of border infrastructure and politics on the natural environment as well as in the context of migration management and security. The event programme includes a roundtable discussion, which will take place on Thursday, with experts from Luke - the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the University of Tallin and the University of Eastern Finland.

The event is funded by the Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters Research Community at the University of Eastern Finland and the Joensuu University Foundation. 

A detailed programme and a link to the event are available on the UEF website at

For more information, please contact:

Postdoctoral Researcher Olga Cielemecka, olga.cielemecka(at), +358-4578383320