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University of Eastern Finland to export Finnish expertise in education to Saudi Arabia

The university has concluded an education export agreement with the Saudi Arabian educational organisation PreClass.

The University of Eastern Finland is partnering with the educational organisation PreClass to share its expertise related to the Finnish education system, teacher education and pedagogy with teachers and early childhood educators in Saudi Arabia. 

The agreement on was signed in Riyadh on 13 November 2023. PreClass is a private educational organisation with a mission to develop education in Saudi Arabia. The partnership speaks volumes of the global interest in Finnish expertise in education, inclusive education and versatile learning environments. 

The role of the University of Eastern Finland in the partnership is to share its expertise in Finnish teacher education and special education to build capacity among teachers and early childhood educators in Saudi Arabia. The partnership includes hybrid modules and on-site workshops in Riyadh.

“Our vision is to be the leading educational equipment and materials provider for all, including people with disabilities. We believe that everyone should have equal access to quality education, and we strive to make this possible by offering innovative and inclusive solutions for educational centres and schools”, says PreClass CEO Alaa Ali Alsuwilah.

International partnerships in teacher education and professional development of teachers are important to the University of Eastern Finland.

“The agreement with PreClass is an important opening for the University of Eastern Finland, and we are aiming at a long-term and evolving partnership. The agreement is an indication of a comprehensive desire to understand the diverse aspects of Finnish teacher education and pedagogical expertise,” says University Lecturer Anssi Salonen of the University of Eastern Finland, who’s in charge of the partnership at UEF.

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